Web Designer, Arts Partnership Surrey


Call for a Web Designer

We are seeking designer to design and build an Arts Partnership Surrey ‘Surrey Dance 21’ website. We wish to develop a website that:

 Promotes dance to the people and communities across Surrey

 Is well designed (intuitive, ‘clean’ look and feel)

 Is accessible to all

 Signposts people to dance activities, classes and performances in their local area through an interactive map

 Hosts short films created to promote dance and movement activities

 Hosts a gallery of dance images

 Hosts a timeline of dance related activities, projects, performances and programmes

 Host an archive of numbered SyD21 projects

 Links to other websites

 Links to Social media

 Enables us to upload content on a daily / weekly basis

Our vision is to celebrate and showcase dance in Surrey throughout 2021, to promote dance as a vibrant, expressive and creative art form that inspires, brings people together, aids learning, strengthens communities, increases physical activity, improves fitness, alertness and mental wellbeing. Working together with friends from the dance sector, regional and national agencies, local venues, schools, Public Health and others we will provide opportunities for all to join in and try different forms of movement. There will be performance and development platforms for the great Surrey based artists and companies to inspire and develop new audiences. 

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