Web Analyst / Manager, Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI)

  •  London
  •  Paid (£40k-50k)
  •  Full time
  •  Closes August 16, 2020
  •  jobs@tvf.co.uk


The web analyst/manager role is to understand how our websites are performing, identify weaknesses and strengths, and devise ways to constantly improve performance. To achieve this you make the most of daily content updates of videos, articles, courses, and podcasts. You identify ways to improve the design and layout of our sites. You ensure our SEO is functioning well. And you oversee our digital ad strategy.  

You work closely with the digital marketing team, the content team, and with a team of developers and designers. You provide them with insight into what is working well and what needs to improve. You also initiate and drive change proposing alternations to our content and the way it is implemented. And you are directly responsible for ensuring that the websites function without error on a daily basis.  We are also continuously developing new aspects of our sites and you play an important part in initiating, creating and implementing these new projects. 

The successful candidate will be able to show at least two to three years digital experience in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment with a leading company or organisation. You will have a detailed understanding of Google Analytics, SEO and Facebook ad manager. You should also have an interest in coding, and knowledge of HTML would be an advantage - you may for example have built your own site. Experience with video is another area where experience is not essential but certainly an advantage.   

You will need to be excited by such challenges and have the skill to deliver under pressure. To this end, all candidates should have an excellent educational background with a minimum 2.1 from a leading university. You will be passionate about the content that we create and driven and motivated to help us grow the organisation into the global phenomenon we know it can be. 


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