Public Art Commission for Abbotswood in Romsey, Test Valley Borough Council


Test Valley Borough Council wish to commission an interactive public art trail for the new community development of Abbotswood in Romsey.  The art trail will enable residents of Abbotswood and Romsey to explore and enjoy their surroundings. It will uncover their own creativity and provide ideas and activities for the community to continually engage with it throughout the seasons. The trail should be innovative in design and be sympathetic to the environment surrounding Abbotswood which includes the Abbotswood Area for Nature Conservation and Fishlake Meadows wetlands.

Aims & Objectives

  • To produce a collection of bespoke artworks that combine to create a trail
  • To provide high quality craftsmanship
  • To provide innovative ways that people can engage and interact with the trail through the seasons
  • To enable Abbotswood residents and the local community to engage with the process of creating public art
  • To deliver a project that demonstrates good practice in terms of community engagement and the commissioning process that is in line with the TVBC Public Art Strategy
  • To deliver a programme of consultation events and activities to engage with the local community including residents and community stakeholders.

This commission is funded through Section 106 contributions for public art from and project managed by TVBC.

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