Percussionist/Drummer, Post-Mortem Quartet


Greetings all!

I'm looking to form a comedy/horror group, called 'Post-Mortem Quartet'; I'm a double bass player and we have a singer and keys player on board, but I am looking for a percussionist/drummer to complete the line-up!

We have 13 songs so far, (the style of which is a mixture of Tiger Lillies and Rocky Horror Picture Show), so once all the members are in place, we can get rehearsing and out gigging as soon as possible! We are also looking to record as well, but that won't be until further on down the line... And of course, being a comedy/horror group there will be an element of 'stage show' involved, (stage names, costumes, make up, etc.)!

If this sounds like your cup of tea/coffee/poison of choice, please email me for more information, or if you want to check out the demos!

Many thanks,

Paul Bearer (Jack)

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