Online Creative Facilitator, ToddlerTunez

  •  London, Nationwide, not just London
  •  Paid (£15k-20k pro rata)
  •  Part time
  •  Closes September 30, 2020


We are looking for artists of any kind - musicians, actors, dancers, painters, etc! - who have experience working with children to deliver online creative sessions, for individual children and groups. 


At ToddlerTunez, we are a young team of eager professionals who aim to equip children with enriching multidisciplinary creative knowledge, whilst nurturing a community of guilt- free working parents who know their children are engaging in meaningful activities while they are away or busy. ToddlerTunez is a UK based service which combines the essential need of babysitters with the expensive cost of 1-1 creative lessons, creating an affordable and rewarding experience for both families and children. We are a friendly company that aims to deliver its best to its clients in a communicative, educational and passionate manner. As the benefits of early artistic education are still not fully understood by most, we strive to be accessible for explaining the approach and benefit of our concept. During this challenging time, we hope to equip families with an alternative to in person creative class or babysitting, using technology to facilitate creative learning between a TodderTunez Online Creative Facilitator and a child or a group of children.

To apply, please email your CV and tailored covering letter to and tell us why you would be perfect for the role and what classes for what age groups you would like to create. These are our age groups: 0-5 (ToddlerTunez), 6-10 (RocketTunez) and 11-15 (FineTunerz). You can find more information on

In your application please include your creative expertise, your experience working with children, whether you have a DBS check and whether you would be available for in-person Creative Babysitting in your area when the situation comes back to normal. Please specify where you are based and your travel capacity for the future. Let us know if you speak any foreign languages as we also deliver creative classes in foreign languages!

We look forward to hearing from you from all over the UK :)

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