Mother and daughter for an art project about female conversation, Emily Perry Artist


I am an artist looking to work with a mother and daughter for an art project about female conversation in intimate spaces. I am basing this project on the conversations I still have with my mother while she’s in the bath tub. It is a time when I can talk to my mum while she’s relaxed, alone and not distracted. In this environment mum and I really catch up with each other. We talk about mental health, relationships, private concerns, our jobs and studies. I am interested in exploring the unique conversations mothers and daughters have in a setting that I associate with my mother. I am interested in creating a live performance where a mother and daughter have an unscripted conversation about certain topics while in the bath together. This would require an initial meet up and a few practice sessions before the live performance. If you are a mother or a daughter interested in being involved, please contact me on for more details.

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