ITC Analyst, Xargle Limited


Are you working in ITC for an arts sector venue or a supplier?

Do you know all about desktop, servers and network support?  Have worked with Tessitura, Spektrix and maybe even Vista?  Want a chance to work for a specialist IT support consultancy whose clients are some of the leading names in Theatre, Cinema and Talent management?   

We are looking for people to step up and take the opportunity to work with the best in IT and the Arts.

Are you interested?

We need the right people to join a team of professionals who can take you to the next level,  we work at some of the most creative and diverse clients in the Sector.

Have some Q&A’s:

Yes, it’s a full-time role

Yes, you need to be able to translate “tech speak” to human

Yes, you will need to be responsible, we and the clients will rely on you 

Yes, you will be part of the team and we will support you

Yes, we train our staff

No, we’re not the same as other IT companies

No, we don't care what your educational background is as long as you can convince us the real-world experience has prepared you to step up

No, you will not be at the same place every day

No, we are not a back-door route to getting that arts job you want

Yes, we will offer you the chance to develop and work with IT in the Arts, from desktop to enterprise, cloud and beyound

Yes, we think the remuneration package is good

Yes, we are growing

Yes, you can meet and talk to other staff during the recruitment process

Yes, our clients really are some of the Arts sector’s best

Yes, some days you will be able to work from home

Yes, we do out of hours working but share so everyone takes some shifts

Send us a mail and tell us about yourself to find out more!

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