Freelance Community Practitioner, Theatre Royal Plymouth



Mayflower 2020 is an exceptional opportunity for Plymouth to celebrate and commemorate its history – in relation to the sailing of the Mayflower (and the subsequent creation of America as we understand it), the history of Plymouth as a port, and explore what this history means to Plymouth today.  As part of these commemorations Theatre Royal Plymouth have commissioned a piece of theatre which will explore what the sailing of the Mayflower means to a modern Plymouth audience.  The cast will be made up of 140 community cast members, including 25 individuals from the Wampanoag Tribe.  In order to make this production a true community opportunity we would also like to include a substantial number of people from the PL1 postcode in Plymouth.  PL1 includes some of the cities most deprived communities, and those least likely to engage, therefore over the 18-20 months we are looking to undertake a community development process led by our Community Development Producer with a substantial workshop programme to support this. 

Community Practitioner Brief

Working closely with the Community Development Producer (and Assistant practitioner), the Community Practitioner will work to deliver an extensive range of workshops to support the introduction of communities to the history and commemoration of the Mayflower story.

The Community Practitioner will develop a series of drama (and/or art) workshops across a number of community venues in the PL1 area of the city as well as working with parents and carers in each of the 13 PL1 schools. The Community Practitioner will plan and deliver workshops across 18-20 months of the project, reflecting and evaluating as the process unfolds.

The Community Practitioner will be responsive to the needs of the community which is likely to include those with multiple and complex needs, and those who are relatively new to the city.

Project delivery commences February 2019.

For further details and to apply for this freelance opportunity, please visit our TRP Careers website.

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