Freelance Art Teacher - Drawing and Painting Academic Art, Sunny Art Centre


We are currently looking for a freelance Painting and Drawing Teacher for our evening and weekend classes.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position, please send us a copy of your CV along with a digital version of your portfolio with images/photos of your work IN THE CV (mandatory AND NOT TO BE INCLUDED ON A SEPARATE FILE) or the application will not be accepted.

Who Are You?

The ideal candidate must have knowledge about fine art techniques in the academic tradition. You will be responsible for teaching some of our weekly art courses. In particular:

  • We are looking for a passionate teacher that will provide excellent guidelines in applying techniques and materials.
  • The teacher must possess patience and willingness to deal with both young (children or teens) and adult students from different backgrounds and with different levels of skill
  • The ideal candidate should have some previous experience in teaching drawing and painting and should have a strong portfolio.
  • The candidate is required to have an artistic academic background, with an excellent understanding of techniques and the use of oil paint, acrylics, watercolours and charcoal.
  • The candidate will be able to recognise the needs and skill levels of each student and adapt their tuition accordingly.
  • An understanding of human anatomy is a requirement.


You will work for a max of 3 days a week delivering on-site art workshops (4hours each day) 

The hours for our on-site classes are flexible as we have classes during late afternoons and early evenings and weekends throughout the whole week. This means that you will be able to pursue your other commitments outside of the centre. The on-site classes have a maximum of 10 students.

You will work on a probation period for 2 months. After this, you can choose to continue with the same working hours as a freelancer or have more hours per week.

Pay Rate and Benefits

  • The pay rate is of £15 per hour for our on-site classes.
  • Opportunity for the teacher to exhibit their work in the gallery and feature on our website/social media.

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