Events Programmer, Booker and Host, Open Source Arts


We are recruiting an events Booker and invite applications from people with the necessary experience to expand and diversify our programme of events and activities at Open Source Arts, and assist in holding our core portfolio.

You will join our growing team as an already foundationally experienced events Booker with at least one year successfully working as a multi-disciplinary arts and music events Booker for a known small venue.  You will contribute to increasing the number and quality of Open Source Arts events and activities, and be a part of developing the diversity of the programme, whilst also ensuring these events run smoothly and efficiently and are well organised. You will also hold and expand our existing core portfolio of events and activities.  We want to develop our performance programme and this will be split between in house artists performing and us booking great artists to perform in our space both from within Leeds and from further afield.

You should have an eye for detail, engage creatively with learning about your sector and welcome challenges enthusiastically as an opportunity to grow your experience.  Successful applicants will be outgoing and adaptable, solution-focused, compassionate and kind whilst honest and committed to determined experimentation in search of the perfect formula. 

You will take a leading role in helping our events be sustainable – financially, emotionally and environmentally – helping create a programme which benefits communities, impacts lightly upon the environment and nurtures the people who are involved in producing the events as well.

You will gain invaluable overall professional experience in a creative environment, the opportunity to shape events, and to be involved in tangible projects, helping you build your expertise. We will make efforts to shape the role to fit with your future career aspirations, including offering opportunities to develop and train where appropriate.

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