Eccentric Dance Workshop Leader, Offthe_Page Creative Practice


Offthe_Page Creative Practice would like to invite Eccentric Dance Artist to be part of AmIaDancer project. AmIaDancer is a 6 week workshop for adults with little or no experience in dance and movement practice. We invite various dance and movement artists to lead each workshop everytime providing various methods, techniques, skills and information in terms of different movement practices to our participants. This term, starting from February 2018 we are looking for an artist who has a professional knowledge and training in Eccentric Dance. 

It would be a 2 hour workshop where we encourage our artist to make this workshop fun, flexible, and informative to our participants. Our participants coming from various background, all levels. 

Pay: 50 pounds for two hour workshop

Please apply if you available to run this workshop one of the Saturdays in March 2018.

Feel free to browse our website to see what we do and who we are, to apply contact us via


Agne & Gareth

Offthe_Page Creative Practice

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