Assistant Producer, The Guild Of Misrule


We are looking to bring an Assistant Producer on board to The Guild Of Misrule. 

The Guild Of Misrule create freeform immersive theatre which puts the audience at the heart of the narrative. Since 2015 we have been running our unique production of The Great Gatsby and have just opened our production of NeverLand, a new freeform immersive musical. 

The company is run by Brian Hook (Producer) and Alexander Wright (Director), alongside a wide range of partners, colleagues and collaborators. As the company’s work expands, and the productions grow, we are a looking to work with a new member of the team to support and sustain the work of the company. Below we have links to the key roles and key skills we’re looking for. Alongside this, we want to meet dynamic, interesting and imaginative and creative people who can help create new wheels, new ideas, new ways for audiences to access theatre, new ways for us producers to imagine how to create theatre, and new ways to tell and imagine stories. Nothing we do is ordinary, and we wouldn't expect you to be either. We need people who are great at everything that is listed in the attached Job Description - that’s what we as a company need - but on top of that, what we want, is a person full or art and life and soul.

We are looking for an exceptional individual for work an average of 4 days a week for 3 month from early Janaury, for a fixed freelance fee of £5,000. You must be able to work independetly, and be avilable to travel around the UK and internationall as required.

For full details please click here and apply by 18th December 2017.

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