3D modeller or Illustrator / Animator, Shakespeare Unbound

  •  London, Location not important / remote
  •  Paid (£20k-25k pro rata)
  •  Part time
  •  Closes September 21, 2020
  •  jack@wearetramp.com


We’re looking for a 3D modeller, illustrator, or animator to create 10-15 backgrounds (with optional transitions) for an online theatre show.

The show:

The show is a one man show about Shakespeare, performed live over Zoom.

The backgrounds:

Each scene will require a background. These can be done as 3D models or traditional illustrations.

The actor will be green-screened onto the backgrounds.

We would ideally like a smooth transition / animation between each backgrounds, for example a camera move to a new location, or a clever dissolve.  So somebody with experience of animation would be ideal (but not required)

We have reference images available for all backgrounds, but would like to create a unified look and lighting direction for them.


Backgrounds supplied as either high res (4k) JPG images or video files (MOV/MP4)

We are open to 3D modelling being done in any software:  Maya, Studio Max, Blender etc

Background examples:

Background 1: An Elizabethan room with the Globe Theatre visible through the window. Possibly with a loop animation so we can see the flickering of candle-light.

Transition: We fly out of the Window to see the 16th Century Globe Theatre.

Background 2: The interior of a 15th Century country house

Background 3: The central square of Verona (15th Century)


With the show being an online theatre performance without the backing of a large theatre or producer, we are price conscious.

We’re also very open to creative input from the modeller / illustrator.

We’re looking at an approximate budget of £500-700.

How to apply:

Please send a short email introducing yourself to: jack@wearetramp.com

Please include:

  • A link to your previous work or a portfolio (or PDF attachment)
  • An indication of whether you’re an illustrator, animator, or 3D modeller
  • A proposed budget for doing 10-12 backgrounds.  Note: Before agreeing to go ahead with the project, we’ll discuss options (such as with / without animation) & cost implications.

Selection process:

We will hold Zoom chats with one or more applicants before making a final decision.


Early November (flexible).

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